Remote Controller

Available since 0.1.6a

The Remote Controller plugin allows you to operate basic functions of Schéma from virtually any device with a web browser.

The interface is dynamically populated with Scenes, Stacks and Groups from the running Schéma instance.

How To Use

First you need to enable this plugin using the Settings menu.

Second, start the Node.js based webserver located in Tools/RemoteController in the installation directory. This application hosts the web interface and allows Schéma and other devices to communicate via SocketIO.

Now you should be able to connect from any device on your local network. Just write the IP address of the computer running the webserver with :3000 at the end (the default port).

Specifying Groups to Load To

You can choose which Groups Scenes or Stacks will be loaded to by toggling them in the Groups section.

Selecting no Groups means that loading will apply to all.

Loading Scenes and Stacks

By clicking one of the buttons in the Scenes or Stacks section, the selected scene or stack will be loaded respectively.


The interface provides one fader called Master.

The fader has no special function but is sent to Schéma via OSC and then can be mapped to anything. For this to work, you need to have the OSCReceiver plugin enabled and then use the Create.Value.OSC block and select master.


It is necessary to reload the page after making changes in Schéma to available Scenes, Stacks or Groups.

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