A comprehensive list of Schéma controls and keyboard shortcuts

At this state some options are only accessible through keybord shortcuts and are not exposed in the UI visually.

This will improve over time as I figure out what should go where and put in the time. In the meantime please give a quick read to the following. Who knows, maybe you'll uncover a feature you thought was missing!

If you are using Windows on Mac via Parallels Desktop, make sure to select Mouse & Keyboard > Keyboard > Optimize for games in the VM configuration to ensure correct function of modifier keys (Ctrl and so on).

General Navigation



Move view

Right click mouse and drag


Mouse wheel

Switch tabs

Ctrl + Tab / Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Show this page

Press F1


The Schematic gives you an overview of the whole scene. This is where you place, configure and select Fixtures.



Insert a new Fixture

Double click anywhere

Switch viewing mode

Click on the rectangle in the top left corner. This way you can cycle between Isometric, Top, Side and Perspective view modes

Toggle Configuration Panel

Press I (as in Inspect)

(In Configuration) Show Options

Press O (as in Options)

(In Configuration) Show Position Gizmo

Press P (as in Position)

(In Configuration) Rotate Fixture

Press Ctrl + X or Y or Z depending on the axis you'd like to rotate around

Select a Fixture

Click Fixture

Select multiple Fixtures

Hold B to start rectangular (Bounds) selection, release to select

Duplicate a Fixture

Press Ctrl + D

Remove a Fixture

Press Delete (all selected) or Middle Click on Fixture (deletes one)

Add Fixture to a Group

When in Configuration, Click grey circle that says "Add" (when zoomed in).

Then select from options presented or type in a new name and press Enter.

Remove Fixture from a Group

When in Configuration, Middle Click the circle representing the Group to remove

Disable Snapping

Hold Shift to insert at any location

Switch Floors

Press Home (Up 1 Floor) or End (Down 1 Floor)

Show only fixtures in current Floor

Press F (toggle)

Toggle Fixture buttons

Get a clean view by pressing H (as in Hide)


The Browser allows you to choose from a list of option whenever this is necessary (choosing Blocks, Stacks, Fixture output types and more). The standard Browser view sorts option into Categories denoted by their name and "..." in the middle. Selecting a Category opens it, selecting an option other than category chooses it for the current operation.



Toggle views

Ctrl + Tab / Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Select an option

Left Click

Leave selected category

Press Escape

Close Browser

Press Escape when in root category or click outside the options



Favorite an Option

Ctrl + Click an option (not a Category)

Block Stacks

Editing Stacks

Editing Stacks is not complicated but there are a few key controls to remember.

By default you are only able to change parameters (via mouse drag) - the structure is locked.

📑 To change the structure you have to enter Edit Mode.

📑 Parameters are only visible when slightly zoomed in and outside of Edit Mode.




Enter Edit Mode

Hold Ctrl or toggle with Ctrl + E




Swap Block

Left Click on the Block

Insert Block

Left Click in between Blocks

Remove Block

Alt + Left Click on the Block

Remove Branch

Alt + Left Click in space underneath a branch

Copy Branch

Ctrl + C with mouse over the branch's root Block

Paste Branch

Ctrl + V in empty space between Blocks when in Edit Mode

Fold Branch

Alt + Middle Click when NOT in Edit Mode




Adjust Parameter

Drag or Click with Mouse

Incrementally Adjust Parameter

Hover with Mouse and Press Left or Right arrow keys




Create/Edit a Driver

Left Click the pill shaped button next to a Parameter

Exit Driver

Press Escape

Remove Driver

Alt + Left Click the pill shaped button next to a Parameter




Insert Breakpoint

Middle Click a Block when NOT in Edit Mode

Managing Stacks

Stacks can be saved and recalled later. If you want to copy over a stack to other Fixtures, use the apply option.



Open menu

Click the little rounded rectangle outline in the top-left corner

Save Stack

Click Save in Menu or Ctrl + S, edit name, click or Ctrl + S again to confirm

Load Stack

Click Load in Menu or Ctrl + L and choose a Stack

Apply (Copy over) a Stack to all Fixtures in a Group

Click Apply in Menu or Ctrl + A and choose a Group


Extra information available at the press of a button.



Show Controller overlay

Hold ` (the key between Esc and Tab)

Show ArtNet channels overlay

Hold Insert

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