Available from 0.1.3a

This plugin adds basic support for controlling DALI fixtures using the Foxtron DALInet converter by implementing the Foxtron ASCII protocol.

Currently it's only possible to target individual DALI addresses (either single or in RGB groups) but group and broadcast support is in the works, just like storing and recalling DALI scenes and setting the fade duration.

How To Use


You must first enable the plugin through the Settings menu.

You can configure the target IP address using the JSON configuration files.

Here is an example of setting the IP address to the DALInet's default

  "DALInet": {
    "IP": ""

Single, Group or Broadcast address

You can use DALInet to transmit to single, group or broadcast addresses on the DALI bus.

This is achieved by using higher channel numbers

Single: 1-64 Group: 101-115 Broadcast: 201+

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