This plugin enables the receiving of audio analysis data over OSC.

Receiving audio analysis enables you to use the various Audio Blocks to create audio reactive scenes.

How To Use

First you need to enable this plugin using the Settings menu.

Afterwards you need something to generate the OSC messages containing the audio analysis. For this you can use the vvvv beta based Audio Analysis Sender tool available from the itch.io page.

Or if you're feeling adventurous, roll your own! Refer to the message format below.

Message Format

The audio analysis is transferred using OSC and expects the following addresses wrapped in a bundle:

  • /audio/0/samplerate (Float)

  • /audio/0/beats (4x Boolean)

  • /audio/0/level (Float, normalized)

  • /audio/0/fft (32x Float, other counts are also acceptable)

  • /audio/0/bpm (Float)

  • /audio/0/periodpower (Float, normalized)

  • /audio/0/peakpower (Float, normalized)

  • /audio/0/pitch (Float, normalized)

The 0 indicates the channel index. Currently only one channel is supported.

Sample Rate

The audio device sample rate, eg. 44100, 48000, ...


Beat bangs from beat detection in 4 frequency bands from lowest to highest.


Immediate audio power - RMS


Immediate levels in multiple frequency bands acquired using Fast Fourier Transform.


Beats per minute, eg. 128, 140, ...

Period Power

Averaged audio power over a longer period of time, useful for discerning between breaks and drops.

Peak Power



Current audio pitch, normalized to values between 0 and 1.

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