Integrate with other tools using OSC

This plugin provides you with the means to handle incoming OSC messages using extra Blocks.

How To Use


First you need to enable this plugin using the Settings menu.

Right after enabling the plugin, Schéma starts listening for OSC messages.

The default configuration is:

  • IP (local bind address):

  • Port: 4444

  • Enabled: true

Use the JSON configuration files to change these settings. Using Enabled: false will disable receiving while keeping the blocks available you. The settings format is available below:

    "OSCReceiver": {
        "IP": "",
        "Port": 4444,
        "Enabled": true


Once you have everything configured to your liking, it's time to bring out the Blocks.

"/" characters in OSC addresses are automatically replaced with "." to keep with Schéma's naming conventions.

You can enter addresses manually (with . instead of /) or more conveniently select it from the list. Whenever Schéma receives an OSC message, its address will be appended to the selection list.


Receives a float value at the specified address (Name).

Default specifies the value that is generated before the message is received for the first time.


Bangs upon receiving any OSC message at the specified address (Name).

Turning Simulate on will generate a value bang.


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