Boxy Magic

Blocks are the building materials for Schéma behaviors.

They can create, modify, combine, filter and otherwise transform various attributes and parts of the scene.


All blocks are categorised into the following broad categories depending on what they broadly do.

Further subcategories hint at which attribute the block deals with.

Names after the "/" are possible future names of the categories. The bold names are current.

  • Source / Create / Spawn

    • Attribute generation, your starting point

  • Operator / Combine / Mix

    • Combining multiple inputs into one output, such as adding two colors together

  • Effect / Modify

    • Modifying one input to become another output

  • Pick

    • Picking one output from multiple inputs

  • Gate / Filter

    • Allowing only some attributes through

  • Convert

    • Converting from one aspect to another, eg. color intensity to movement

  • Transition / Fade

    • Providing transitions from one aspect set to another. Eg. Fade. Usually not used manually but added automatically on animation assignments.

  • Setup / Configure

    • Change configuration of the parent Fixture, eg. Pixel Positions

  • Assign

    • Assigning of global variables and Stacks to Fixtures

  • Hybrid

    • Special nodes that do not fall into any of the previous categories